About Us

COPA is short for Canadian Owners and Pilots Association.

We are the Oshawa area chapter, called COPA Flight 70. We include aviators in the area around Oshawa, from Toronto to Cobourg, and north past Port Perry. This includes Oshawa and Greenbank airports, as well as a number of private strips.

Our primary purpose is to share the camaraderie of flying.  We are also interested in promoting aviation and aviation safety.

We are a group of about 40 pilots. We meet once a month and discuss local aviation issues, assist other pilots in procedures, share information, education, etc. Except July and August, meetings are usually held on the first Thursday of the month at 19:30 at the RCAFA 420 Wing, 1000 Stevenson Road North, north of Rossland, on the south side of the airfield. Check the Schedule of Events page for meeting dates and guest speakers.

We frequently organize informal fly-outs to aviation events, BBQs, weekend outings, etc. and often just fly somewhere for lunch or dinner. Check the Yahoo Forum, since informal flyouts are casually organized, often only a day or two before the weekend.  Post a message if you would like to go, so we know to include you. The Schedule of Events page lists major fly-outs and events most likely of interest to our group.

We also assist other groups such as the RAA, EAA and the Ninety-Nines in aviation activities and community events, including donating hundreds of free flight experiences for youth and women annually.

Meetings and fly-outs are open to anyone, pilots or not.  Guests are always welcome.
Everyone is welcome to sign up to the Yahoo Forum, since there is often news of interest to area aviators, in addition to COPA 70 information.

Some members often meet at the Oshawa Airport Cafe in the Terminal building at 12:00 Tuesdays and Fridays for lunch.  Everyone is welcome.

Our chapter membership fee is $ 35.00 / calendar year.  Bring a snack such as a bag of pretzels, or peanuts, or cookies to a meeting once in a while ;-)

If you have questions, my email is:
Jeff P

Why join Copa National ?

As the recognized voice of general aviation in Canada, the Canadian Owners and Pilots Association, a non-profit organization has spent five decades supporting and defending the right of Canadians to enjoy the freedom of Canadian airspace.

Your membership helps to fund these activities.  The larger our collective group - the stronger our voice.

Since its founding in 1952, COPA has been dedicated to opening doors and removing barriers to the growth of aviation. COPA raises the awareness of important issues facing the flying community, promotes air safety through education and works to lower the cost of flying.

The COPA Freedom To Fly Fund has been used to successfully defend our right to build and operate airports.  Our membership fees and donations make this possible. 

As a COPA national member you have access to a number of valuable resources, including reduced aviation insurance. In addition to a COPA Flight 70 membership, a COPA National membership is strongly recommended.